Richard Wolff
Social Business Consultant

Social networks designed for the cloud and for mobile devices (phones, tablets) including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram are enabling real time communication and collaboration between Business Customers, Employees, Suppliers and Government.

When customers are making buying decisions that involve relationships and information generated from Social networks, a business that has a trusted Social network has a significant Advantage.

Richard Wolff Pty Ltd can assist you with :


  • The social media strategy for your organisation

  • A social media user guide for employees / contractors

  • Reviewing existing / creating new social media accounts

  • Building online relationships and community networks

  • Techniques to filter & segment to minimise social noise

  • Techniques to gain insights and find new opportunities

  • Sourcing content from inside & outside your business

  • Integration of social media with marketing/advertising/PR

  • Integration of social media into live events

  • Increasing the reach of content using # and @

  • Minimising the time and cost to achieve your ROI


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